Since our boy died, I have often wondered how I could honor him in the best way possible. As most of you know, in addition to being one of Kreed’s moms, I’m also a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). I continue to see kids just like Kreed. But everywhere I have worked was never right. Most of the time I had issues with the way they treated the kids and families. And no where ever seemed to want to do more for the kids and families. And they never seemed interested in the quality of life for the kids. Nor were they interested in their employees either and none of them even cared to know who Kreed was, which bothered me because the things he taught us could not be learned in a book and I have always wanted to celebrate him always. And I think I might have issues with authority lol! As of yesterday Friday May 24, 2019 I work for a new company. No Limits Behavioral Solutions. AND… guess who is owner and bad ass boss of it? That’s right me! We are an in-home and in-center Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) company. A place where kids and families come first. I do it for the love of Kreed and everything we did with him and for him and to now help other families and children live with no limits. We serve individuals with all kinds of needs including those with medical and behavioral needs (such as Dravet Syndrome and other catastrophic seizure disorders, Rett’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome and a host of genetic conditions, as well as those with terminal diagnoses wanting to live their best life. Kreed was all of this and more, in addition to autism. We also specialize in individuals with complex communication disorders and use an AAC device and severe behaviors.
We currently serve families in the Colorado Springs area. I will likely also open an online consulting option as well in the near future.
We are excited for this new endeavor and have been pouring everything we have into making this company and into something Kreed would have been proud of. It’s a lot of hard work, but so worth it.
And always, always, in memory of our boy- who taught us about life and living and joy.

The Beginning