On June 12th, I had a training on the ways in which my company (No Limits Behavioral Solutions) is changing how we are doing things, by including Functional Analysis assessments for every child at No Limits. We are no longer guessing why a child behaves the way they do. We are no longer assigning arbitrary reinforcers or treatment plans. Every child will have highly individualized treatment plan. We will identify effective, precise, personally relevant, and humane treatments for problem behaviors.
“I don’t know why you have been behaving in that extraordinary manner, but I will take some time to find out why and incorporate those factors into all attempts to change your behavior.”
– Dr. Greg Hanley

And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the state of ABA. That practitioners have by and large been guessing at function of behaviors and been making treatment plans off those guesses. And kids not experiencing freedom from these behaviors and families not seeing enough meaningful change. I’m sorry for all the kids I have treated without doing an FA. I’m sorry for all the kids I have designed treatment plans from guesses. I’m sorry I didn’t question more. I’m sorry I accepted the status quo.
But that ALL changes here and now. We know better and will do better. We are being the change we wish to see. We are fully invested in this change. We have already seen massive changes in many of our children. The buck stops here so to speak. We are making a stand and not accepting the status quo. It’s time.
I do this for the kids we are seeing. For all the kids I have seen before. For all the families that have followed us for years. And I do this for Kreed. Who we strove to do better for, always. I carry on his legacy with the children now at No Limits.
(See previous posts for the changes we are making!)

I am sorry