Oliver the Service Dog

Here at No Limits we do have a service dog on the premise named Oliver. He works with his handler Erin! You will often see him stylishly dressed and at the feet of his handler. Oliver does not interfere with the workings of the clinic and knows how to stay out of sight and do his job! We ask that anyone who comes in center to ignore Oliver and do not pet him or interact. He knows his job well and prefers to focus!
We do also have a therapy dog, Cinna, who you can pet and interact with! His story is on the next section!

Cinna the Therapy Dog

Cinna is the center therapy dog. He is our son’s former service dog who is highly trained to interact with children and adults and go where needed, when he is needed. He was trained to help others when they are feeling stressed out or upset. Or to just be a play buddy! Cinna was an amazing service dog to Kreed and has been waiting to have another job. You will find him most days greeting everyone as they come in and interacting with the kids as needed.