What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

ABA is simply the science of behavior. We strive to determine why our loved ones act the way they do. Once we know why someone does something, we can help them find better ways to get their wants and needs met or expand their skills. No Limits also takes a functional analysis approach to figuring out our loved ones behaviors. We won’t just create a hypothesis and go based off of that. We will always perform an analysis to ensure we know what is happening and why before we ever attempt to change a behavior.
For those looking for the more technical description: Applied behavior analysis is the science in which the principles of the analysis of behavior are applied systematically to improve socially significant behavior and experimentation is used to identify the variables responsible for behavior change.

Trauma Informed Care

We take a trauma informed care model of ABA. This means we put SAFETY as our number one priority. We will not push our clients into behaviors to allow the severe problem behavior to continue. We will shape the behaviors we want to see without ever having a client go into their severe problem behavior. We put client dignity and care at the forefront of everything we do. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the ways in which we incorporate trauma informed care into our practice.

ABA for more than autism

While ABA is known as a researched back therapy for children with autism, ABA can help any individual that may have maladaptive behaviors and skill deficits. We see children and adults of all ages and diagnosis, including those that may be medically fragile.

Location, location, location

No Limits provides ABA both in home and in center, depending on a families and a child’s needs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo