Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Here at No Limits we are seeking qualified individuals who are kind and compassionate. The ideal candidate would have experience using ABA outside of just an autism population, as we serve a variety of diagnosis. Please also note, we do see kids with terminal diagnoses and this requires a different kind of mindset and a focus on quality of life. We also see children that may have medical issues that require feeding tubes, ports and other medical devices.
We are seeking a BCBA experienced with working with families in center, in home and in the community. Due to the high number of hours our kids typically receive, we have small case loads which the BCBA is very involved in, including doing some direct sessions if possible. We follow OBM principles at the work place as well and the owner is in the process of getting her OBM certificate! No sense in doing ABA with the kids if you can’t also do it with the adults working with them! Please email if you are interested in this position.

Registered Behavior Technician

  • We are seeking kind and compassionate Registered Behavior Technicians. We are a one of a kind home based and center based ABA center in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area! We work with kids of all ages and diagnoses. Our RBT’s work directly with the clients and families under the direction of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Please note we work with a variety of populations, including those with diagnosis outside of autism and with medical or terminal diagnoses. Clients may also have medical devices such as feeding tubes and ports. We especially focus on quality of life for all of our clients here at No Limits! RBT’s will be trained with both the BCBA and training coordinator and we offer the RBT course if you are not already certified.
  • We care about the culture here at No Limits and use the principles of ABA through Organizational Behavior Management to offer employees a positive atmosphere to work in! We also hire hands on BCBA’s so you won’t ever feel like you do not have enough support for the clients!
  • Please email if you are interested in this position.