We provide both in home and in center ABA services in Colorado Springs and Pueblo to children of all ages (including adults) and all diagnoses.

Skill areas that may be worked on include:

  • Communication and Language Skills
  • Social and Group Skills
  • Cognitive and Academic Skills
  • Daily Living and Self Help Skills
  • Caregiver Training
  • Behavior Management

We also will never turn any child away for having “severe” behaviors or behaviors that others do not want to work with. Our son Kreed was one of those children that few ever wanted to work with due to being difficult. As he got older, with effective treatment and communication, he became a child everyone wanted to work with. There is no such thing as a child being too severe for treatment. We also work with children and adults that are medically fragile or may have terminal diagnosis. Again, we have seen too many children and adults turned away because of their medical or terminal diagnosis. Again, our son was one of those children. He could not help that he both had severe behaviors and severe medical conditions.

All are welcome at No Limits!