Who Am I?

My name is Erin Polk and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I am the owner of No Limits Behavioral Solutions and I was a parent of a child with severe special needs. I decided to start No Limits Behavioral Solutions in memory of our son Kreed and to serve all those with behavioral challenges.

Who was Kreed?

Kreed was our 18 year son with autism and many medical challenges. Throughout his life, we always sought to give him no limits and never under estimate what he could do with the right teaching and tools. We went from everyone telling us he would never ever communicate, to using a communication device to talk about autism and how he felt. We went from doctors telling us he would never wear a Bipap, to wearing one every night all night long. He went tubing on the ocean, kayaking on the lake, riding a bicycle, going on the fastest roller coasters and enjoying everything he possibly could in his short life. We believed in trying anything and everything and he had the right to experience every part of life. One of the hardest things in our life was finding people who could both serve his behavioral needs and medical needs. Kreed used a device to communicate and had a rare genetic disorder in addition to autism. We had a difficult time convincing doctors that autism does not cause medical disorders and his sleep apnea, immune deficiency and peripheral nephropathy had nothing to do with his autism. As a result, many of his diagnoses were overlooked and he suffered needlessly as we fought for his health and wellness. After moving to Colorado, doctors finally figured out what was wrong with him with all of this conditions, but that information was too late. He passed away in May 2016.

No Limits

Now three years after his passing, I have dedicated myself to helping those with behavioral challenges no matter what their medical needs are or age. While we serve individuals with autism, we also specialize in individuals with both behavioral and medical needs, including Dravet Syndrome and other seizure disorders, terminal diagnosis, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome and many other medical/behavioral disorders. We also specialize in trauma and complex communication disorders and those who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Life Today

Today I live in Teller County with my partner and two young children and six dogs, three cats and two guinea pigs. I volunteer often at the local animal shelter and also have a dog training business. I miss Kreed every day of my life and often write about my grief and life on Kreed’s World facebook, instagram and blog.